We live in a fast-paced society, this isn’t news. Our lives move so much faster than ever before, due to technology and innovation, we are chasing life at Godspeed.

We went from working on an assembly line to working online.

We went from driving through tons of traffic to work, to working remotely.

Even our relationships move at a faster pace than ever before.

Relationships are formed and finished at the speed of a swipe.

We are a society that has more leisure time than ever, while simultaneously being the busiest we have ever been.

We are constantly driving forward at breakneck speed from early morning to way after dark.

In times past, people worked extremely hard, but for shorter periods.

Today, We don’t work as hard physically but we work for longer hours.

We know it isn’t exactly good for our health but we can’t help it.

The modern society is push, push, push, and never rest.

Even on our so called days off on the weekends, are used mostly to  run errands, rushing to this event to the next event, never really resting.

And we wonder why everyone looks so torn down.

People like exclaiming that 40 is the new 20, or 50 is the new 30, but let’s be honest,  so many of us in our 30’s or 40’s look like they are in their 50’s or 60’s.

And let’s not mention how worn down the 20 year olds look today.

This comes from a lack of rest.

Not really knowing how to work hard, and play hardis the culprit .

It’s an art to working hard and playing hard.

Most people work hard, and play hard at the same intensity all the time.

What we often forget is that ‘playing hard’ also includes elements of rest.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what working hard looks like, so I’m going to focus on what it means to “play hard”.

You would think I wouldn’t have to explain this either, but this is where most people make their mistakes.

How to Rest while Working Hard

It’s crazy that we actually have to explain to people what rest really is.

It should be as automatic as breathing, but it’s not.

This should tell you about the chronic nature of our addiction to being busy.

We can’t phantom what it feels like to actually rest.

I know soo many people who say that they are going to rest on the weekend, but do something totally different.

We are a world that does not know how to rest.

To truly Rest requires three elements- concentration, gratefulness, and peace with whatever that will come will come.

Three Keys to Rest

Concentration- I know it’s surprising that you need to know how to concentrate even when you rest.

What keeps most of us from truly resting is that our minds are continually reminding us of the things we need to do, or should be doing.

Our mind is a worry machine.

 It’s what has kept our species alive all these years, but the same mind that worried about a tiger coming into the village to devour us, is also worrying about when the next TPS report is due.

To truly be able to rest you have to learn how to concentrate.

You have to shut this part of your mind off.

It’s why some people when they go on vacation, they are still basically at work.

All they can think about is the work problem that will never go away.

This is detrimental to your ability to work hard, and play hard because even in your play you are still working.

You have to learn to compartmentalize the two activities.

Workaholics never learn to play. Their life is a constant battle that seems to never end.

Gratefulness- gratefulness doesn’t seem to be part of resting but it is.

Without an overriding concept of gratefulness, you will never be happy no matter how much money or success you find.

And this lack of happiness will make you restless which by definition means you are unable to rest.

Thus, not cultivating a sense of gratefulness will create restless no matter where you are, and no matter what you have.

You can be on vacation, with your kids, with your significant other but you will still be restless.

Peace with whatever that will come will come–  

I know this is a long topic title.

But it expresses exactly the type of perspective you need to truly rest.

Learning how to be at peace with whatever may come is how you learn to overcome the workaholic nature that will keep you from relaxing.

Always striving for more, and more, because you are always worried will leave you burnt out, and burnt up.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a goal, and shouldn’t strive for greater achievements, but every switch has an off, you need one too.

You have to be at peace with that if you take the weekend off, your business will not crash and burn down.

And if it did, you will be ok, as you will just build another one.

Fear keeps you from being able to truly rest, and play.

Because, if it Is fear that is driving you to work so hard.

You fear losing your home, your cars, your family.

So you work harder, and harder, never resting, so you lose your family anyway because they do not know you.

You were always at work.

Fear as a motivator can only last so long, until it leads you down a road that is hard to come out of.

But love as a motivator is everlasting.

Love for the service or product your business provides.

Love for your customers and employees.

Love for your community.

These things will allow you to work hard and play hard, because you have learned to love hard.

I know it sounds a little Wooey-wooey, but when you make it real it will transform how you conduct not just your business, but also your life.

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