how to change page name on facebook
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Changing your page name for your Facebook business page used to be next to impossible. Like many things with Facebook, things that should be relatively simple was made exponentially more difficult.

But maybe Facebook is starting to see the error in its ways.

Just maybe…

But you can read below to find out the new and improved way to change your page name on your Facebook page.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

1. Click “Edit”

While viewing your page as an admin, click on the About tab in the upper left side of the page, then click Edit. That’s right next to your page’s current name.

Change Facebook page name

2. Type It

Once you’ve clicked into the Account Name box, type in your page’s new name.

Make sure that your new name doesn’t break any of these Facebook naming dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t use any variation of “Facebook” in your name.
  • Don’t include your company slogan in your name.
  • Don’t use random capitalization that would make your elementary school teacher cringe.
  • Do be specific with your name.
  • Do avoid misleading terms or words.
  • Don’t choose words that can be discriminatory, violating, or abusive.

Change Facebook Page Name

3. Submit It

After you’ve typed in your new name, click Continue. If you don’t see this option, double-check to make sure that you’re listed as a page admin. Other page roles aren’t able to change Facebook page names. You can change those settings by clicking on Settings and then Page Roles on the left.

If you’re an admin and you still don’t see the Continue option, double-check to make sure that someone didn’t try to change the name within the past few days.

There is no limit to how many times you can change your page’s name, just so long as those changes are spaced about seven days apart.

4. Sit Tight

It usually doesn’t take Facebook very long to approve of a name change.

If there’s a delay of a day or two, it might be worth your time to reach out to Facebook and make sure there’s nothing standing in the way on your end.

If That Doesn’t Work

Changing your page name didn’t work? There could be a few reasons for that:

  • You didn’t wait long enough. It usually takes about three business days for Facebook to review and apply page naming changes.
  • Your page has been flagged for not following Facebook page policies. Common breaches include not following the Facebook page name rules or using spammy tactics to get likes. If Facebook is suspicious, it may suspend your page, so you wouldn’t be able to edit your page name.
  • Your page has too many likes. If your page has more than 200 likes, you have to be an admin to change your Facebook page name. Fewer than 200, and you may be able to change it without admin privileges.
  • There are limits on your page. Limits in the Facebook world aren’t always bad! They can range from the fact that you or another admin tried to change your page fewer than seven days ago to Facebook suspending your page for suspicious activity.

If none of those reasons seem to fit your situation, go ahead and submit an appeal to change your page name by filling out this form!

What Happens if People Search for Your Old Facebook Page Name?

After you’ve successfully changed your Facebook page name, what will happen when people search for your old page name?

You still want people to find your page, but you recognize that not everyone will be aware you’ve updated the name.

We actually didn’t know for sure what would happen in this scenario, so we reached out to the source.

A Facebook representative confirmed the following: when someone types your old Facebook page name in the search bar, your old page name will still appear.

Once the person clicks the link to your page, they will be directed to your “new” page with the updated name.

Keep in mind that over time, search algorithms will learn your updated Facebook page name and begin to show the updated name more in search results.

via 4 Steps to Change Your Facebook Page Name – 9 Clouds

What Page names are allowed on Facebook?

Page names must accurately reflect the Page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a Page for a brand, place, organization or public figure.

Page names can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • The word “official” if the Page isn’t the official Page of a brand, place, organization or public figure.
  • Improper capitalization (example: tHe best CaFE). Page names must use grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Symbols (example: ® ) or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Descriptions or slogans (example: The Best Cafe – We serve the best coffee in town). People who manage Pages can add this information to a Page’s About section.
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook.”

Page names can’t consist only of:

  • Generic words (example: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Generic geographic locations (example: New York). However, you can create a Page name for an organization that represents a geographic location. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” and “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are acceptable Page names. source

In addition, there is a limit of 75 characters in your Page name.

This should be plenty! Think short and memorable. Further descriptions should be placed in your About section.

How to change your Facebook Page name for a business

Login as an Admin of the Page you wish to change.

To request a change to your Page’s name:

  1. Click About on the left side of your Page (see image above).
  2. Click Edit next to your Page’s name (see image above).
  3. Enter a new Page name and click Continue (see image below).
  4. Review your request and click Request Changesource

Caution: Be SURE the name you request is the one you want. This cannot be undone.

Check your spelling again. Once you click Request Change, your request will go to Facebook for approval.

If this doesn’t work for you, read on… Plus, how to do this on mobile!

How to change your Facebook Page name on mobile

If you’re not on a desktop browser, your FB Page won’t look anything like the screenshots above!

As of January 2020, it appears you cannot edit your Page name in the mobile app. It looks like you’ll be able to, but when you tap the name to edit it, you get a “Content Not Found.”

However, according to this video, you can change your name on the Facebook mobile website in your browser!

Here’s a video walkthrough I found to help you find the proper settings to edit.

If this doesn’t work for you, please open Facebook on a computer browser.

Why can’t I change my Facebook Page name?

Not every Page can change its name at any time it wishes.

Here are some reasons you might not be able to change the name of your business Page:

  • You don’t have a Page role that allows you to change your Page’s name. Learn how to see your Page role.
  • You or another admin recently changed your Page’s name (details below).
  • There may be limits on your Page (details below).
  • You can’t change the name of a regional Page if it falls under a global Page. source

NOTE: As stated above, you can’t change your Page name via the mobile app. See the video above to change it from your mobile device’s browser, or you can use a computer instead.

How often can you change a Facebook page name?

While Facebook does not publish specifics on this, they once said…

Page name changes are only permitted once every 7 days.

The new page name may take up to 3-7 days to review, so make sure you start the process early to ensure that your new rebranding/name announcement launch is aligned across all efforts.

If your name change is approved, you won’t be able to unpublish the page or change the name again for another 7 days. During this time, Facebook will let your page fans know that your page’s name has been updated.

This was reported by Kristin Bush, Account Strategist at Social Media Examiner, a few years ago, so it may or may not still be in effect.

Constantly changing your Page name is confusing for your customers and followers. And it might make Facebook decide your page is spammy.

Decide on a name you want to keep and don’t change it unless truly necessary.

Why would my FB Page have limits imposed?

  • Not all admins of your Page have authentic profiles.
  • Your Page has admins that continue to go against Facebook policies.
  • Your Page has a misleading name.
  • Your Page posts content that may mislead people who like or follow your Page.
  • The content posted on your Page goes against FB hate speech policies.

Want more details about limits? Find them on this Facebook help page.

4 possible fixes if you can’t change your Page name

1 | Wait it out.

If you’ve requested a change recently, give it at least 7 days before trying again.

2 | Contact your Facebook ad rep.

If your Page runs Facebook ads, you’ve got an “in.”

Talk to your account rep about your need to change your Page name for business – s/he should be able to make that happen.

The advertising team will understand that your brand is not going to run paid ads if your Facebook page name is not your correct company name.

When money talks, Facebook listens 😉

3 | Change your FB Page category.

I changed my Page Name in 2013, so I don’t know if this option is still available. But I’m leaving it here so you can try it. Let me know!

Warning (2019): If you have a verified Page, you may lose your verification if you change your category.

If you’ve never changed your Page name, but still don’t see the Edit option, try changing your Page category to Brands & Products or Companies & Organizations, and click Save Changes. The Request Change link should magically appear!

Now click Request Change and fill out the form (sample below).

Note that you have a choice of reasons for the Page name change request.

If you select that your business name has changed, you will almost certainly be required to provide documentation. Logos, business cards, and websites are not acceptable.

You can choose “Other” and explain in the text area.

My first choice was to change my Page name to match my website: How-To Social Media Graphics, and explain in “Other” that my business had evolved. I decided that had a high risk of being rejected.

I chose to request a very similar name to my then-current Louise Myers Graphic Design: Louise Myers How-To Graphics. I then selected “My Page name is misspelled” as the best option. (Don’t even ask how long I deliberated over this!)

Note: Hyphens (as shown in the screen shot) are no longer allowed in Facebook Names – either Page or personal profile.

Before submitting your Page name change request be 100% certain of 2 things:

  • This is the Page name you want for the life of your Page. At one time, Facebook allowed just ONE change, and they could revert to this at any time.
  • Your Fan page is 100% compliant with Facebook Terms of Service. Your Page could be shut down once it’s scrutinized by Facebook. Click with caution!

Upload any pertinent documentation, and click Send.

Wait to hear from FB on your Page name change request.

You should get an auto-reply quickly. I can’t say how long it will take for Facebook to review your request and respond – the auto-reply says up to 3 days. For me it only took one day plus a half hour.  And it was approved!

4 | Change your Facebook Page name a little at a time.

If you’re having problems, this is worth a shot. I’ve heard from several people saying this worked for them.

Only change 1-2 words at a time. 

For example:, say I wanted to change Louise Myers Graphic Design to How-To Social Media Graphics.

Step 1: Change to Louise Myers How-To Graphics

Step 2: Change to How-To Graphics

Step 3: Change to How-To Social Media Graphics

Adapt this process to your own situation.

Be sure you wait at least a week between each name change request.

Older hack: How to change your Facebook Page name a SECOND time

Here is a hack offered by a reader. This may or may not still work.

CAUTION: I don’t know what “Global Pages” are, and if this is something you should do. Proceed with caution. The creator of the SlideShare offers to answer questions – you can contact him via the info on slide 11.

How to Change FB Page Name Second Time from Jacek Janicki


How to Change Your Facebook Page Name: Conclusion

We covered:

  • Facebook rules for Page names.
  • Step-by-step to change your Facebook Business Page name.
  • Why you can’t change your FB Page name.
  • What to do if  you can’t change your Page name.

Review as needed!

What about you? Will you change your Page name? Let me know how it works for you.

I hope this helps you change your Facebook Page name!

via How to Change Your Facebook Page Name Now: 2020

You can only assign a Page Owner on a computer.

To assign or change a Page Owner:

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Page Transparency.
  5. Below Assign Page Owner, click Assign.
  6. Choose a verified Business Manager or disclaimer and click Assign.

Once you’ve assigned a Page Owner, a new section will appear in the Page Transparency section called Other Pages You Manage.

To assign Page Ownership to multiple Pages:

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to a Page with an owner assigned to it.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Page Transparency.
  5. In the Other Pages You Manage section on Page Transparency Settings, Click Assign.
  6. From the list, select Pages you want to assign ownership of.
  7. Click Assign.

Note: To assign a Business Manager as a Page Owner, you’ll need to be both an admin of the Business Manager and an admin of the Page.

Note: To assign a disclaimer as a Page Owner, you’ll need to be both the creator of the disclaimer and an admin of the Page.

via How do I assign or change a Page Owner for my Facebook …

Hide Last Name in Facebook Account

1. How to Make Single Name Account on Facebook using Proxy

Let’s create a single name account on Facebook with the help of proxy. In this method, we will use Indonesian proxy to hide last name in Facebook account. Let’s see how it works:

1. We would need to use manual proxy settings in our browser. We need to opt for Indonesian proxy since all our work would be done manually. You can be easily guided through websites like for setting up the proxy.

You can change the proxy settings by using the methods shown in these articles. Check your browser and follow the instructions:

2. After the first step is done, check if it is working fine on Facebook since we have changed our proxy belonging to Indonesia on Facebook.

3. In this step open your Facebook account and then go to the account Settings by clicking on down arrow on top right corner.


4. You will come across Language column on the left side panel. Now over there you can change language to Bahasa Indonesia, which you find in front of What language do you want to use Facebook in.


5. Now, Facebook is in Indonesian language so it could be hard to understand the available options. Again click the down arrow and find Pengaturan which is the second last from the bottom. This will open the Settings menu. Now click on Sunting in front of your name under Umum Column.


6. A new window will open, you have to remove your last name in front of Belakang and save it by clicking Tenjau Perubahan.


7. You can now change your language by clicking Bahasa column in settings and then click on “Bahasa apakah yang ingin Anda gunakan saat membuka Facebook?” and select “English (US)” fro the dropdown menu.

That’s it, this is how you can a create a single name account on Facebook using proxy.

2. How to Make Single Name Account on Facebook without Proxy

In the above method, we used proxy server to hide last name on Facebook. But, if you don’t want to use a proxy, then this method is for you which will help you to create a single name account on Facebook without proxy.

1. If you don’t wish to use manual proxy setting, then you can perhaps download Unlimited Free VPN – Hola Google Chrome extension.


2. After installing Hola extension, you can perhaps turn it On by clicking the red button.


3. You will come across a country column, click on More and select Indonesia from that list.


4. Hola extension will change the proxy settings on its own and you don’t need to change proxy manually.

5. In this step open your Facebook account and then go to the account Settings by following the step 3 we showed in the above method.

6. You will come across a language column over there. Now over there you can change the language to Bahasa Indonesia.


5. The language of Facebook will be in Bahasa Indonesia now and you may find it difficult to navigate within Facebook. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you in right path. Click the down arrow and select Pengaturan which will open Facebook settings and click on Sunting in front of your name under Umum Column.


6. Next, you have to remove the last name in Belakang text field and click Tenjau Perubahan button to save it.


7. You can now change your language to default by clicking Bahasa column in settings and then click on “Bahasa apakah yang ingin Anda gunakan saat membuka Facebook?” and select “English (US)” fro the dropdown menu.

That’s it, this is how you can a make a single name account on Facebook without proxy.

3. How to Make Single Name Account on Facebook using Mobile

Want to hide your last name on Facebook? Check this method that will help you to make a single name account on Facebook using Mobile.

1. In this step, open any browser on your mobile phone and put the following URL:

2. Put login details to open your Facebook account. Now, click on Settings & Privacy that you will find on the bottom of the page.


3. Scroll down to Language option.


4. You will come across various options, you need to further click on Show Facebook in this language and then change the language.


5. Select Tamil from the list of languages. Try to do it in Google chrome browser so as you can easily translate the page and understand the information.


6. In this step click on Settings & Privacy again and then further click on General option. Now, click on the Name and further edit it as you want.

7. Now remove the last name and then click on Review Change to look for the changes in the name.


8. In this step you need to Enter your Password so as to save changes. You can change your language back to English.

That is it, you have successfully made a single name account on Facebook using Mobile. We think this is the easiest way to hide last name on Facebook.

via 3 Ways to Create Single Name Account on Facebook to Hide …


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