What is Yelp for Business?

Yelp is the online version of the yellow pages that used to come in the mail, and clog up your mailbox, but with a few enhanced features.

Yelp is definitely an enhancement of the old Yellowpages where you had to keep this heavy behemoth of a book next to your landline.

What is a landline? Lol. That’s the subject of another story.

But what makes Yelp for business so beneficial especially for local businesses, is that Yelp gets a tremendous amount of daily, and monthly traffic to its site.

It’s a powerhouse of customers searching for something to buy.

The fate of the universe depends on it. Just joking.

But the fate of your business just may.

This guide will give you some of the ends and outs of this excellent site.

Yelp for Business Benefits


The benefits of Yelp for Business is tremendous.

  • Increase Foot Traffic- I don’t know any business that would not appreciate more traffic coming into their doors. Yelp can help bring local customers through your doors who are well informed and intending to buy. A win-win.
  • Increase Brand Presence-Yelp for Business is another avenue for you to get your Brand out there. I know social media still gets all the hype, there is something to be said for catering to your local presence. A powerful local presence can foster a sense of community with your customers that can open so many avenues for you and your business.
  • Increase Word of Mouth Marketing- Word of Mouth marketing has existed from the beginning of time, well maybe since the beginning of civilization. Word of Mouth has the strongest rate of conversion out of any form of marketing. But can be one of the hardest to generate. But Yelp for Business can help get the word of mouth ball rolling.

Yelp for business Drawbacks

Vigilance in managing store presence– one of the drawbacks of Yelp, or really any online business listing site, is that people can add negative reviews that can have a very negative effect on your business.

 In today’s online world, almost 80 percent of people do not make a purchase without checking  reviews first.

This is great if all your reviews are wonderful, but a negative one can have the effect of sending a possible customer to a competitor.

Therefore, it becomes of the utmost importance that as a small business owner that you stay vigilant and monitor the mentioning of your brand, and have a valid response.

Sometimes it can feel tedious keeping up with it- As small business owners, you have so many things going on and have to wear so many hates, that keeping up with al the sam ll things can be difficult.

This applies to Yelp for Business, making sure you have accurate and up to date information that can easily slip your mind but can have a detrimental effect on your online presence.

Who Should Use Yelp for Business

Yelp is a forum with user-generated content that is designed to help consumers discover and review businesses in the following categories: restaurants and food, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and service providers in all industries. All businesses that fall into one of these categories should build out their profile on Yelp, respond to Yelp reviewers, and consider Yelp advertising to help build their customer base and grow sales.

Here are the nine main business types Yelp is right for:

Restaurants and food service: This includes any type of local restaurant and foodservice business, from bakeries and coffee shops to high-end restaurants.

Local retailers: Nearly any type of local retail store with a brick-and-mortar location that sells physical products qualifies for this category.

Nightlife: This category is comprised primarily of bars and nightclubs, but other businesses that offer food and drink or other nighttime lifestyle products and services would fit this category as well.

Entertainment: The entertainment category includes comedy clubs, music venues, and theaters.

Home services: This category includes the following subcategories: contractors, electricians, plumbers, home cleaners, lawn care, locksmiths, and movers.

Auto services: The auto services category includes everything from auto repair, detailing, and car wash facilities to local auto dealers, parking companies, and towing providers.

Health and fitness: This includes gyms, fitness centers, tennis clubs, yoga studios, and similar business types.

Beauty services: Beauty services encompass salons, spas, massage providers, and similar businesses.

General services: There are many other local service-based businesses that are also good fits for Yelp, such as phone and computer repair companies, dry cleaning services, and pet grooming businesses.

If you don’t see a main category that fits your business, try searching Yelp for services your business offers. To do this, visit and type keywords related to your business in the search bar. Then, check the categories of the businesses that appear in the search results.

Yelp Costs

It’s free to set up and manage a business profile on Yelp. However, you will have to pay $1 per day for business page upgrades, such as adding a call to action (CTA) button or removing competitor’s ads from your page, and $600 per 1,000 impressions if you choose to use Yelp advertising.

Yelp for Business Costs

Advertising Type Cost

Create a Business Page Free

Manage a Business Page Free

Add a Call to Action Button $1/day

Remove Ads From Page $1/day

Use Enhanced Slideshow $1/day

Paid Ads – Cost per Click (CPC) Varies; $5 – $10+ per click

Paid Ads – Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) Varies; averages $600

Yelp Deals and Gift Certificates Commission on sales at 30% for deals,                   

Yelp for Business Owners: The Ultimate Guide 2019

Yelp for Business Best Practices

  • Make sure your information is correct and up to date.
  • Leverage your network, to boost your positive reviews. But be ethical, please 🙂
  • Don’t respond negatively to your negative reviews, no matter how angry it may make you feel. First, you will regret it later. And second, it will negatively affect your business reputation and can be difficult to repair.

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