The CRM is an application that helps businesses keep abreast of their customers buying position in their business pipeline.

Customers, before they make a purchase from a business, operate at different points in the buying cycle.

A buying cycle is the total time it takes for a person to be converted from a prospect of a business into a happy and satisfied customer.

Customers, when they interact with a business, are at different points in this buying cycle.

Some customers are at the beginning. They are at the moment of just becoming aware of a business.

They may have seen the business signage while driving past on the street.

Or read an article online that mentioned the business in some form.

In business terminology, these individuals are considered just prospects.  

It’s the job of a salesperson to take a prospect and convert them into a customer.

A quality CRM can help them do this.

A quality CRM makes sure the sales or marketing department do not let any prospects slip through the cracks.

This is important because every prospect can be a potential customer, and eventually add to the businesses bottom line.

The next step in the buying process…

Some prospects may already be aware of the business but may be unclear on how they can be helped by the business.

These prospects are often called warm leads.

Warm leads are some of the best leads that can be found.

Warm leads are people who are already aware of your business in some capacity.

These people already believe the business can in some say could solve their problem, but maybe not know to what extent and at what price.

The next step is to turn these warm leads into hot leads.

You may ask what is the purpose of segmenting customers or prospects in this manner?

Different prospects require different information to lead them to make a purchasing decision.

A quality CRM helps the salesperson continue to walk the warm leads through their buying cycle until they become a customer.

It’s imperative that a business becomes efficient at doing this.

A Quality CRM helps strip away all the unnecessary mechanics of your business buying cycle, while also doing things like making sure you follow up with your customer on a timeline basis.

Ultimately, it helps takes the human error out of the buying cycle process.

But for a CRM to truly be effective, the business must have an adequate mechanism to capture these warm leads.

Most Websites use pop-ups, retargeting, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and all these are great channels for a website to collect warm leads.

But, What about brick and mortar businesses?

How can a brick and mortar business like a clothing store capture the leads that come through its door on a daily basis and never return?

One way is to use the Door Hero system, which helps you collect new leads as a physical business and keep them engaged over long periods of time.

It’s imperative as a small business that you get a good handle on your warm leads because that’s from which your business succeeds or fails.  

60 percent of foot traffic to a store never come back again. If a business can bring just 5 percent of those customers back they can possibly boost their profits by up to 95%.

The Door Hero system helps small businesses do this, and in so doing helps make them competitive against the big box chain stores and online conglomerates, who shall not be named. Lol

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