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TOP 3 simple growth hacker marketing ideas on the internet, that you can put into practice right away

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Growth Hack 3

Copywriting tip to quadruple conversions

If readers feel like you’re trying to persuade them, they develop psychological reactance. Utilize “…but you are free”, “It’s up to you…”, “You can decide…” to emphasize their freedom to choose. In the original study, Guégen and Pascual asked people on the street to donate money. The researchers quadrupled the amount of compliance when they incorporated the phrase “…but you are free to accept or refuse.”


Growth Hack 2

Make your app worse and double your sales

Our tool PC optimizer was running SUPER fast. It only took a few seconds to fix registry and remove unwanted programs. It occurred to us that the users might think the scan wasn’t doing much. After all it was super fast, what could it be possibly doing! We tested our competitors’ products and noticed that their scans ran slow. So we said to ourselves: “What the heck. Let’s test slowing down the scan!”
The results of our test were jaw dropping: our conversions almost DOUBLED.

Growth Hack 1

Increase YouTube subscribers by 400%

Simply add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your Youtube channel URL. For example: (works only on desktops)
Link all users from all your videos, website, tweets, blog to this URL. Everybody will see a popup “Confirm Channel Subscription”, which increases YouTube subscribers by 400%.

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