Timesheet templates serve an important function in the administration of a business. They determine who works when and for how long. Of course this is important because it determines who gets paid and who has to pay who. Timesheet templates is highly recommended for all business that have multiple employees working various hours in a day. Timesheet templates make organizing a much easier task for medium-size operations but larger organizations may want to use something more technical.  

1. Free Weekly Timesheet Template
Free weekly timesheet template

Use this weekly timesheet if you need to calculate employee time worked, paid time off (PTO), and wages every week. To calculate total work time manually, download and print the PDF. Otherwise, download the Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet, and it will handle the calculations for you based on formulas within the spreadsheet cells. Also, spreadsheet versions of these timesheet templates are customizable so that you can add information to the timesheet such as employee location, employee number, or job title.

Download as PDF
Download as XLSX/Google Sheets

2. Free Biweekly Timesheet Template
Free biweekly timesheet template

Use this timesheet if you pay or calculate wages every two weeks. It’s divided into two seven-day workweeks, Monday through Sunday and considers overtime and PTO in its calculation of hours worked. Because the template covers a biweekly pay period, you’ll need to complete one for each employee every two weeks.

You can open the spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets if you want the software to handle the calculations for you. Otherwise, download and print the PDF for your employees to complete manually. Of course, if you opt to print the timesheet, you’ll have to calculate their hours manually.

Download as PDF
Download as XLSX/Google Sheets

3. Free Monthly Timesheet Template
Free monthly timesheet template

Use this free timesheet template if you pay or calculate wages every month. Like the other templates, this one is customizable if you download the spreadsheet version. There’s space on the form for you to input hours worked for each day of the month, and the totals populate automatically after you’ve entered the data. If you only pay once a month, you’ll only use 12 copies of this for each employee throughout the entire year.

Download as PDF
Download as XLSX/Google Sheets

4. Free Daily Timesheet Template
Free daily timesheet template

In some situations, like when employees are working an event or spending all day at an offsite training session, you’ll need to use a daily timesheet. If necessary, you can require all employees to sign in and out on the daily timesheet so that you can track hours worked by all workers at the event. This can also be used by nonprofits who don’t need to pay employees but do need to track volunteer hours worked each day.

If you need to use the daily template for an event, you’ll need to download it in PDF and print so that you can carry it with you. If you or your employees need to track work or volunteer hours electronically, download the file as a spreadsheet to take advantage of the automated formulas—the sum total work hours.

Download as PDF
Download as XLSX/Google Sheets

5. Free Semimonthly Timesheet
Free semi-monthly timesheet template

If your company runs payroll twice a month, as opposed to every two weeks, your timesheet will need to have fields to track time for days one to 15 and days 16 to 31. You can manually input the day and date into the spreadsheet or list the month.

If you use this timesheet in a spreadsheet format, a good practice is to create a new tab for each month of the year. Employees would then input time-worked data in the correct tab—January, February, March, and so on—so you’ll have a running total of all hours worked for the year.

Download as PDF
Download as XLSX/Google Sheets

6. Project Timesheet
Free project timesheet template

This template can be used by freelancers or contractors who need to calculate hours worked on projects. It can also be used in offices where workers’ time is tracked against customers or projects, or when staff needs to designate billable hours so that customers can be invoiced property. There’s space to list project IDs and associated work activities that were done.

Contractors who work in the field may find it more beneficial to download the PDF versions because they can bring the timesheets with them from site to site. However, freelancers who work from home, like writers, graphic designers, and so forth, who use the computer for most of their work, would most likely prefer the spreadsheet version. It has formulas that will save them time from having to calculate hours worked manually.


Timesheet templates are also a good way to keep up with overtime hours. Moreover, they are good for companies that have employees that often call-in and need replacements to take their shifts.

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