Oddpod Review: A Business Owner’s Perspective

Disclaimer( Not affiliated with Oddpod at all, just think its a pretty sweet idea)

Oddpod is a new and exciting app for local small business owners. But is it really as effective as it’s hyped up to be? Or is it more Hype? And less Right?  Continue reading to find out how.

The concept of Oddpod is pretty sweet.. Basically, everyone likes deals. Who doesn’t like deals? So especially a person like myself, who loves to find deals, and hates to overpay for something, Oddpod let’s me go on the app, and it will find all the deals, discounts, special offers, or sales that are going on in any location that I’m at.

This is wonderful for small local business owners who are looking to promote their business more.

What’s even crazier is it’s free!

All you have to do as a business owner is sign up as a publisher. You can press the link here __.

After you sign up as a publisher and add all your business information (hopefully making it as enticing and alluring as possible, lol)

You are ready to add your first post.

Here is the caveat:

Post only last 24 hours. I know, I know, why can’t it be longer. Think of it like Twitter for local businesses. It’s all about what’s trending, what’s hot.


So in the eyes of Oddpod if your post is over 1 day old, it’s ancient, it might as well have been written in hieroglyphics.

 But that shouldn’t stop an enterprising business owner such as yourself from capitalizing on the opportunity available to you.

Did I mention it’s free?

So it might require you to add a couple more items to your to do list. But if it adds just a couple of more customers to come to your store additionally per day.

That can add up pretty quick.

So taking an extra 5-10 minutes in your day, get few more couples per day than you otherwise would, I would argue is worth it.

But, that’s for you to decide.

But Oddpod offers an excellent opportunity for any enterprising local small business owner to step up their game.

Now, I’m not claiming that it’s going to be world changing, but it can help, and sometimes in life and especially in business,’ every little bit helps’.

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