By now, everybody’s heard of content marketing. In fact, in today’s digital world, it has become the new marketing. But just why is there so much buzz?

It’s because content marketing efforts are measurable every step of the way. You can see the results in action and put numbers around them as awareness of your brand grows, consideration of your products or services expands, and conversions build in the forms of both leads and sales.

Brandpoint’s new infographic, How Do You Measure Content Marketing, shows the complete conversion funnel in action and outlines techniques for putting content to work for your business. Blog writing, optimized website copy, feature articles, whitepapers and social media are some of the tools that get the process going … but how do you know what you’re getting back out of your efforts and investment?

The beauty of content marketing is that you can measure your return. Take a look. Then get your own content marketing efforts measuring up.

Measuring Up: How Content Marketing Grows Your Bottom Line

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