Customer Satisfaction:The Key to Business Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the new buzzword on the block.

But it’s as old as business itself.

A good business should always be seeking to boost customer’s satisfaction.

But alas, somewhere in the focus groups, surveys, GAAP principles, businesses have forgotten how to do something so simple.

It’s simple because it’s supposed to be at the heart of your business model.

It should be why you wake up in ur morning, and head down to your place of business.

It should be why you started your business in the first place.

But we all get so wrapped up in profits, that we forget the simplest part.

Maybe because boosting customers satisfaction seems like an endless journey that never stops, which may lead some business owners to slack off in this department.

The Three Keys to Excellent Customer Satisfaction

The ABC’s of excellent customer satisfaction is not Always be Closing.

But is Always be Learning, you should always be learning what your customers want or desire.

Customers tastes change over time, what customers may have liked just a few years ago, will be different from what they might want today.

This is why you often see so many businesses that are stagnant. Because they believe they know what the customers have always wanted.

The have fossilized ideas of what customers want, and mask their fear with arrogance. But the really are afraid to try something new? What if it fail? What if they are wrong?

Which leads to the Second Key, “Don’t be afraid to act”.

Don’t be afraid to do something different.

But you are not implementing any changes haphazardly, no you are making educated guesses based on the feedback you receive from step 1.

Even still, you are measuring and tracking your results.

How are people responding? Do they dislike or like your new implementation? Don’t just ask a few people and base your whole campaign on the opinion and taste of a few, but garner a significant sample size to make sure you are getting a well rounded opinion of your customer base.

The third key to Customer Satisfaction is to be agile.

There is no point in having tons of customer feedback, complete tons of customer desire tests, and you can’t implement it.

The lack of agility is what kills most big companies in the long run.

Case in point, a famous business book that came out in the early 1980 ____Excellence ____, did a study of 10 companies at the time that were excelling. But just 10 years later only 2 of the companies where still in business.

What happened?

They got full.

A full belly doesn’t hunt the same as an empty one.

A full belly would whether turn over in its bed, instead of getting up and serving its customers optimally.

A full below doesn’t need to try different ideas, and make changes because why would it, it’s full.

That’s the Forth key to excelling at customer satisfaction.

I know I said only three tips, but I couldn’t help myself.

A business that excels at customer satisfaction stays hungry. It stays motivated.

But how do you stay hungry if you’ve found some success? How do you stay motivated to try new ideas?


You have to be passionate about improving your customer service and satisfaction experience.

You have to look deep down in yourself and find that cornel, that spark of why you are serving people in your business the first place.

Make your Why as strong as possible.

This is where small business can flourish. It can be the difference maker in beating your competitors, or being beaten.

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