Business growth can sometimes feel like you are chasing a phantom.

You know it exists, but you have yet to see it or experience it.

Other people have told you that it exists, so you believe with all your heart that you will see it someday.

You purchase al types of new gadgetry to find it, but it still doesn’t show itself

You find that other people who have seen it, seem so happy.

What about you?

Well, this article is all about finding your elusive ghost, your business growth.

Why is Business Growth so Hard to Find?


Oh Business Growth where art though?

Sometimes being a small business owner feels like you are in a Shakespearian play.

Like you are crying out to your long lost love to come back to you.

At least that’s how I used to feel. Lol

But does it have to be so hard? And feel so heart-wrenching.

Often times as a small business owner you are caught in a negative feedback loop.

You know business growth will give you the money you need to keep growing, but you don’t have the business growth in the first place to give you the money to get started.

If that made your head hurt, just imagine how mine feels just saying it. Lol.

Business growth fundamentally is a chicken or egg situation.

Which comes first, money or the business growth that gives the money?

Business Growth Strategies


Beginning Level Business Growth Hustle Tactics

Door knocking or Phone Calling are tried and try beginning Hustle Tactics that though may be out of style are still very effective.

The problem most people face with door knocking or calling is the variance of the outcome.

Meaning for one person it works well, for another person it doesn’t.

Door knocking and calling requires skill.

But like any skill you can get better. 

It’s definitely worth it. Remember the other choice is business failure. Lol.

I guess that not too funny. Lol

Intermediate Level Business Growth Hustle Tactics

Tactics for intermediate level business growth are generally a little less hands-on than the beginner level tactics.

This is because of two reasons.

One, you have made a little money from the beginning level hustle tactics, so you can outsource some of your hustle work. 

Or you can utilize technology that has the same effect as outsourcing the hustle tactics.

And two, you have a little momentum in your business.

Inertia makes everything hard in the beginning. 

Especially a small business.

With more customers comes more word of mouth marketing, and it requires less effort to keep the ball rolling.

Plus you have worked out some of the kinks in your hustle process.

So what are some of the intermediate level hustle tactics?

You can start utilizing PPC (pay per click) options.

These can include Google AdWords,Bing Ads, Display Ads, Progmartic Ads.

YouTube ads.

Facebook Ads scaled up.

These are great options for the hustler with a little more cash to make things happen.

Now before you rush and start throwing down the hole in one of these Channels, make sure you have a well thought out and researched plan and sufficient tracking metrics to track your ROI.

Many a business have burned a lot of money chasing the PPC Fairy.

It lures you with quick and easy riches, then turns into an ugly Ogre from the Lord of the Rings devouring all of your cash.

Don’t let this be you.

Plan and Track everything, everyday!

Know your margins. Know exactly how much you can afford to spend per click for each of your products.

Take baby steps at first, and ramp up after your PPC campaigns have proven to you that they are profitable.

After that Scale.

The Beauty of Intermediate Level Hustle Tactics are that they scale, but only if profitable.

Because you just funnel your profits into more PPC.

Advanced Level Business Growth Hustle Tactics

Congratulations you now have a mature business.

Pat yourself on the back. I know it feels awkward. But you deserve it.

You’ve made it through all the sleepless nights, the hard days, and everything in between.

So what hustle tactics are available to an advance company such as yours?

Well, now you can utilize advanced marketing tactics that the big boys use.

Now you can really scale your PPC, and also even use TV and Radio.

And no, TV and Radio are not dead.

They might not be as sexy as the newer models out, but they still work.

Especially in terms of marketing. Or Brand building.

PPC doesn’t build Brands.

They can help make sales. But they don’t build brands.

What’re the benefits of building brands?

First, you shouldn’t worry about building your brand until you are relatively big. 

Many small business owners mistakenly start using brand-building tactics before they actually have a brand.

They end up losing a lot of money.

But this will not be you.

Building a Brand once you are ready for it helps build your business for the long term.

It’s been found it usually takes 6-7 times for a consumer to hear your brand before they are ready to purchase.

They need to trust you. And it usually takes this amount of time for that to happen.

TV and Radio help to make this happen.

 Brand building can also be called trust-building

Like most things in this world, Trust is everything.

Get Your Hustle On!

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