Try one of these modern fonts to position your work at the forefront of design.

‘Form follows function’ in modernist design and the principle certainly applies to modern fonts. Based on geometric lines and forms, modern fonts are clean, clear, and easy to read; plus with a creative twist or dash of detail they have a cool, contemporary vibe.

Here are 50 fonts that will give your design work an up-to-date edge. All are listed as free to use and can be uploaded to Canva. Here’s how.

01. Lombok

Alexandre Pietre

You’ll quickly see from these 50 free fonts that modern fonts are overwhelmingly sans serif typefaces; that is, there is no projecting lines or curls at the ends of a letter. Lombok by Alexandre Pietre is very angular and geometric with divided forms and doubled lines.  

Download it at Bēhance.

02. Ailerons

Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior

Ailerons is a font by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior inspired by airplane models from the 1940s. The ends of each letter are angled and ever-so-slightly curved for delicate detail.

Download it at Bēhance.

03. One Day

Nawras Moneer

One Day is a slimline and uppercase font by Nawras Moneer. Its rounded forms and broken lines will add visual interest to any headline.

Download it at Bēhance.

04. Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

When the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum had a facelift—revitalizing its building and identity—it also engaged designer Chester Jenkins to create a contemporary sans serif font that is available free for public use. Now that’s democratic design.

Download it at Cooper Hewitt.

05. Aqua

Laura Pol

Laura Pol’s font Aqua has very straight lines that contrast with very rounded forms. The strong angles dominate the uppercase letters while smooth circles rule the lowercase.

Download it at Bēhance.

06. Kolikö


The Kolikö font family by Fontfirma has Latin and Cyrillic characters in regular, thin, and bold styles. It is a geometric sans serif font with a clean structure for bold headlines.

Download it at Bēhance.

07. Polya

Adrien Coquet

Adrien Coquet designed the Polya font inspired by low-poly – a polygon mesh for 3D computer modeling. The result is a font with bold forms and a lightweight look.

Download it at Bēhance.

08. Radnika

Alfredo Marco Pradil

Alfredo Marco Pradil describes his Radnika font as a “workhorse type.” It is a multi-purpose typeface that bridges the gap between the strong and expressive nineteenth-century typefaces and the fine and stern twentieth-century typefaces. The ‘medium’ style is free for download.

Download it at Bēhance.

09. Modeka

Gatis Vilaks

Modeka by Gatis Vilaks is a light and elegant font that combines corners with rounded details. The result is a set of characters with visible junctions between the parts of each element.

Download it at Bēhance.

10. Higher

Marisa Passos

Marisa Passos designed Higher for a student project and has since offered it for free public use. Ideal for headlines, Higher is elongated with the identifying forms of each letter condensed to the upper or lower section of each character.

Download it at Bēhance.  

11. Nordic

Yana Bereziner

Nordic is an experimental typeface designed by Yana Bereziner. It was inspired by Norwegian runes, which are the letters used in various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

Download it at Bēhance.  

12. Komoda

Asia Ang

Komoda is a slimline font designed by Asia Ang. It works well as a display typeface for headlines and titles and it looks smart and modern here, simply enclosed in a rectangular outline.

Download it at Bēhance.

13. Kollektif

Brave New Fonts

Brave New Fonts designed this brave new font Kollektif as an alternative to low-contrast twenty first-century typefaces. It can be used for display and blocks of text with two styles and two weights available.

Download it at Brave New Fonts.

14. Achi

Shibu PG

Achi is Shibu PG’s first experimental font. It’s modern and contemporary and the double-outline stems and strokes add a touch of Art Deco detail.

Download it at Bēhance.

15. Parley

Filipe Rolim

Parley, by Filipe Rolim, has interesting diagonal lines that slice through the forms of each letter and number; some are part of the character and others are additional detail.

Download it at The Hungry Jpeg.

16. Aroma

Laura Pol

Laura Pol also created this font, Aroma. Available in bold and light, the font is contemporary with curved and angled terminals that are a little retro and a little calligraphic.  

Download it at Bēhance.

17. Boxing

Tano Veron

Tano Veron’s Boxing font delivers a heavy punch with its robust, elongated, and condensed forms. It is appropriately titled given Veron was inspired by retro boxing posters.

Download it at Bēhance.

18. Minimalust

Pratam Yudha

Designed by Pratama Yudha, Minimalust is a clean and minimal font inspired by hand-drawn lettering and vintage printing. The sans serif typeface has smooth edges and rounded corners.

Download it at Bēhance.

19. Hyped

Med Ness

Med Ness’ Hyped font plays with geometric forms and negative space. Some of the characters hark back to the Art Deco while others are a little postmodernist Memphis.

Download it at Bēhance.

20. Metria

Jake Lunde

Metria is a versatile geometric typeface based on consistent angles and an imperfect circle. Designer Jake Lunde says it “is inspired by rigid, geometric forms infused with organic curves to bring the words to life.”

Download it at Bēhance.

21. Arenq

Paulo R

Arenq is a free font by Paulo R and its double-line forms have both retro and futuristic appeal. It looks particularly effective here with a gradient or fade on each character.

Download it at Dafont.

22. Fontaine

Freebies PSD

Fontaine is a typeface inspired by Art Deco style, detective stories, and vintage headlines and ads, and looks perfectly suited to a movie-poster title. It’s clear, easy to read, and carries a little drama.

Download it at Freebies PSD.

23. Brassie

Ryan Welch

Brassie by Ryan Welch is the first serif font to hit this list, but those little serifs are not detracting from this still being a thoroughly modern and contemporary font.

Download it at Bēhance.

24. Moka

Liz Withers

Liz Withers created Moka as a modern display type for a coffee logo. The client didn’t choose this logo and Liz didn’t want to waste such a great font so it’s up on Bēhance for free download. The sans serif font is big on lines and outlines and has a slightly hand-drawn feeling.  

Download it at Bēhance.

25. Perfograma


Perfograma is inspired by the IBM Harvard – Mark 1, an electro-mechanical computer that reads its instructions from a 24-channel punched paper tape. The original concept was presented to IBM in 1937. It was modern then and is still modern now.

Download it at Bēhance.

26. Ministry

Victor Tognollo

Ministry by Victor Tongollo is an elegant sans serif typeface with elongated forms, smooth curves, and interesting bars and tails, plus other characteristic elements.

Download it at Bēhance.

27. Unik2

Fonts of Chaos

Unik2 by Fonts of Chaos has a contemporary look while still being somewhat retro and futuristic. There are no circular forms but corners and terminals are rounded to soften the overall look.

Download it at Fonts of Chaos.

28. Nagasaki

Sasha Lacob

Sasha Lacob’s Nagasaki font is inspired by Wim Crouwel’s 1957 poster “Hiroshima.” It’s super bold and super condensed making for a super-big impact.  

Download it at Bēhance.

29. Hyperbola

Tarin Yuangtrakul

Aptly named, Hyperbola is inspired by mathematical curves. Tarin Yuangtrakul looked to the geometric and mirror-image properties of a hyperbola and applied them to this modern typeface.

Download it at Bēhance.

30. Reckoner

Alex Dale

Alex Dale took inspiration from popular industrial sans serif typefaces and designed Reckoner with a modern twist while still keeping the fundamentals of a traditional font.

Download it at Bēhance.

31. Stoked

Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Stoked is a serif typeface designed by Marie-Michelle Dupuis. The designer says it was “rescued with love from a rejected a five-custom letters logo. Convinced its life was not meant to be abandoned so cruelly I gave it 21 other friends.”

Download it at Bēhance.

32. QG

Anthony James

Now you see it; now you don’t. Anthony James’ QG font has simple curves and abstract lines that appear and disappear like a coffee-cup or wine-glass stain. “Corners add weight and prevent the aesthetics from being too rigid,” says Anthony.

Download it at Bēhance.

33. Qontra

Tomaz Hrastar

Tomaz Hrastar designed Qontra as a condensed sans serif font with low contrast. Its smooth lines and curves are suitable for headlines and bodies of text.

Download it at Bēhance.

34. Disclaimer


Disclaimed by Font Fabric is a module-based display font with elongated and enclosed forms and a very high x-height.

Download it at Bēhance.

35. Orkney

Samuel Oakes and Alfredo Marco Pradil

Orkney is a geometric font designed and conceptualized by Samuel Oakes. The goal was to create a unique yet functional typeface that can be used for a wide variety of print and digital projects.

Download it at Bēhance.

36. Prime

Max Pirsky

Prime by Max Pirsky is a simple typeface with a ‘techy’ feel and a strict geometric origin. It works well for headlines and body text and has enough subtle detail to be distinctive.

Download it at Font Fabric.

37. Matey

Andreas Leonidou

Matey by Andreas Leonidou might be a little bit retro but it still has a modern look and contemporary appeal. Its geometric curves and condensed form are best read at a large size making it an impactful choice for headlines and titles.

Download it at Bēhance.

38. Decurion

Mehmet Reha Tugcu

Decurion is a slab serif typeface, meaning it has thick, block-like serifs. Mehmet Reha Tugcu has designed Decurion in number of versions including inline and outline. Rough is free to download.

Download it at Bēhance.

39. Blanka

Emmeran Richard

Emmeran Richard designed the Blanka font. It’s modern, minimalist, and abstract with elements that seem to cut short and disappear.

Download it at The Hungry Jpeg.

40. Maddac

Isaac Taracks and Maddie May Kroll

Maddac is named for its designers Isaac and Maddie and is a combination of their names. Their mission was to make a legible, clean-cut typeface following two pre-determined rules: the top left and bottom right must have rounded edges, and the top right and bottom left must have hard edges. Mission accomplished.

Download it at Bēhance.

41. Leoscar

Faridul Haque

Leoscar is a modern typeface by Faridul Haque with both a serif and sans serif variation. The font is elegant and light with subtle design detail.

Download it at Bēhance.

42. Amsterdam Superstar

Fonts of Chaos

Amsterdam Superstar is all lines and angles making a very geometric, almost futuristic font. Each character consumes a square space making it equal height and width.

Download it at Fonts of Chaos.

43. Rodus


Rodus has rounded corners and square forms. It comes in four style variations, including regular, rounded, square, and cut as well as four different weights.

Download it at Free Fonts 4 All.

44. Distrito

Carlo Pico

Distrito is geometric modular font designed by Carlo Pico and inspired by the historical center of Bogotá, Colombia. Its curves have interesting angles that add drama and impact.

Download it at Da Font.

45. Etna

Krisijanis Mezulis

Looking for a big, bold, modern font? Etna by Krisijanis Mezulis certainly ticks all the boxes. It’s a clean, clear, and functional font that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Download it at Bēhance.

46. Intro

Font Fabric

Intro by Font Fabric has a solid geometric structure with characters based on elemental forms such as the triangle, circle, and square. It has sharp angles and a bold form.

Download it at Font Fabric.

47. Manifesto

Tomaz Leskovec

Tomaz Leskovec’s Manifesto font is inspired by the Italian rationalist movement. The notions of structure and space are seen in how Tomaz has played with the positioning of the characteristic elements of letter.

Download it at Bēhance.

48. Noir

Matthias Guggisberg

Noir is simple and to the point – just like it’s name. Designed by Matthias Guggisberg, its geometric structure and sans serif form are functional and easy to read.

Download it at Bēhance.

49. Glober

Font Fabric

Font Fabric’s Glober is inspired by classic grotesque typefaces. It has its own unique style expressed through softened geometric forms that are light and elegant. Plus check out that lowercase ‘g’ – that’s a piece of design all it’s own.

Download it at Font Fabric.

50. Canter

Font Fabric

Designed by Christopher J. Lee, Canter is an all-caps, condensed typeface that works well as a display type for titles, headlines, and posters.

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