Instagram, the photo-sharing tool that made headlines as the reason people start blurring their photos during a time of high-definition TVs and 3D movies, has captured the hearts of millions. The fact that it was recently acquired by Facebook for $1billion is also hard to ignore. While some wonder about the future of the photo-loving app, let’s take a step back and take a look at some apps out there that were built to enhance your photo-sharing experience on Instagram.


Here is a list of 20 apps, named in one variation or the other (it’s a toss between Insta and gram except for one exception) that can help you get more out of Instagram. If you have others that you think can beat the ones in this list, don’t keep it to yourself. Drop in your two cents in the comments area.

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Gramgrab is a simple web application that displays your Instagram photo collection with hover-action to display details of a photo such as the number of likes, time uploaded and filter used. At a click, you can download the photo directly to your computer.



Quickagram lets you browse through random Instagram photos listed on gallery and map. Clicking on the image will open the photo to its original size with options to like, share on Facebook or comment on Instagram directly from the page.



Gramfeed is like Quickgram but with more features. It’s like browsing Instagram on a web browser with links to user’s profile with the follow button as well as comment and like options. There is the Facebook Like button as well as Pins for Pinterest.



Copygram is a near-perfect alternative to Instagram’s native iPhone app as it is beautifully presented on web browsers and the iPad. With Copygram, you get to browse photos of your own and other users in grid or list view with options to view in original size, follow other users, comment and like. There is option to backup photos by downloading them to your computer too. is a simple web application to search for relevant Instagram photos based on tags and keywords. There’re no other options available, and clicking on a photo will direct you to the original Instagram link.


Instagrille is a desktop app for your Instagram. It runs directly from your computer with all the options as available on the native mobile app. You can also opt to receive instant notifications whenever your friend posts new photos.


Prinstagram as in the name, provide you with options to print your own Instagram photos as beautiful and presentable mini albums, posters and stickers.


Instagrid is like a feed reader for Instagram which you will be able to subscribe via email. The display options are in grid or list view, and clicking on the photo will redirect you to the original Instagram link.


Instawar is a little like the old ‘Facemash’ where you get to compare between two photos and pick the one you like. When you think the two photos match one another, hitting the ‘Pair’ button will post the two photos as a pair in a Tumblr page.


Followgram is a full-featured web app for your Instagram. The application is complete with photo galleries, and Follow button that you can share on your blog. You can also follow other users by scanning their custom QR code using your phone, and share your QR with others too.


Extragram is also another full-featured web application for your Instagram with an elegant photo gallery. There are more sharing options found on Extragram.


Hashtagram is a slideshow for Instagram photos. It rotates images in full screen and real time, based on Twitter feed. Every keyword and tag searches will crawl for results based on the latest Instagram photos that appear on Twitter. Hashtagram integrates well with Twitter allowing you to easily retweet, quote or reply to the user.


Webbygram is another web app for your Instagram, presented in a list layout with complete features as found on Instagram. There’s however no option to follow other users.


Statigram is more than just web app alternative to your Instagram mobile app. It provides you with many great features not found anywhere else and that includes statistics, Facebook custom tab, cover creator and Timeline integration.


INK361 is just another web app for your Instagram, and it comes with complete features as alternatives to your current favorite.

Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is a simple desktop application to download your Instagram photos to backup.


Webstagram is also a web gallery for your Instagram, and it comes with complete features so you can easily comment, like a photo and follow other users.

One more


Screenstagram uniquely collects favorite Instagram photos from your and your friends’ collections, and displays them as a screen saver on your computer.

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