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A Holiday Party can help build cohesiveness, relationships, and the morale of your team. Or it can create more gossip than a wildfire.

But at least you and your team will be having fun.

Companies with small staffs and small budgets can still host memorable holiday parties that pack big fun.

Delight your employees with any of these small company holiday party ideas.

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Holiday Game Show 

Ask yourself this… Does your favorite holiday party involve a game? (I bet I know the answer!)

This year try something new! Treat your employees to a game starring them, and their yet to be known talents…

Check out The Go Game for some uniquely fun holiday games that will have everyone talking all year long – guaranteed kudos all year long too.

Go Game Holiday Party

Pro-Tip: Team Building Kits and QuizBreaker can both be used as alternatives here – hope you have fun!!!

Holiday HealthFest

While you can never have too much holiday cheer, you can have too much holiday food. Employees will welcome a break from the cakes, cookies, and cheese cubes they encounter at every other seasonal gathering. Instead of contributing to the holiday excess, turn your company holiday party into a celebration of fitness.


Have everyone prepare their favorite fruit- or vegetable-based treat, provide some healthy packaged snacks, and pick a fitness class du jour to entertain employees for one fulfilling and meaningful hour.

Here are some fitness and wellness trends to choose from. We suggest getting employee input so you’re sure everyone will be comfortable with your selection.


Family Day at the Office (a.k.a. Santa’s Workshop)  

Get together to decorate the office, hire (or appoint) a lucky Santa, and then open your doors to coworkers’ guests and family members for a day of fun.

As coworkers get together to decorate and plan, this small company holiday party turns into several days of fun.

  • Ask for volunteers to form a party committee. This group can iron out all the fun details that will make this event specific to your company.
  • Have people volunteer to decorate their offices or cubes. (Mandatory decorating is not everyone’s idea of fun.)
  • Have people volunteer for a special decorating project, the centerpiece of your holiday event—turning a conference room into Santa’s Workshop.
  • Send out invitations.
  • When the day comes, close shop early and open your doors for fun.

To up the decor game across the office, you can even include a traditional holiday decorating contest as part of your day of fun. Let a panel of your employees’ holiday guests judge and announce the contest winner as a grand finale to your event.

Here are some office decorating tips employees can use for inspiration:


Cocoa & Candy Canes: Artisanal Edition

Give everyone’s favorite hot cocoa and candy canes a classy, grown-up makeover, and you’ve got a worthy focus for your holiday office party.

All you need for this party is some fancy cocoa, fancy candy canes, and down-to-earth conversations, provided by your team. Throw on some festive tunes to pull everything together. (If your company is small enough and you have the budget for it, you could even order custom mugs for the occasion and let everyone take one home.)

Here are some resources for finding delicious, healthy versions of your favorite holiday treats.


Fancy/healthy cocoa:

Fancy/healthy candy canes:


Multicultural Holiday Trivia Night

Honor the diverse range of ways people celebrate the holidays with a night of multicultural holiday trivia. Break the mold of reindeer and Christmas trees and learn about holiday icons that don’t appear as decorations in every major department store.

  • Prepare your list of questions and answers. (If you find 50 questions and you take a few snack and conversation breaks, you should have plenty of material for a night of fun.)
  • Here are some resources:
  • Choose hosts. This team will ask questions, hear answers, and call “right” or “wrong.”
  • Appoint a scorekeeper. This person will, obviously, keep score. We recommend using a simple chalkboard/whiteboard scorekeeping system and splitting everyone into teams so the scorekeeper has to keep track of only a handful of team scores instead of 20+ individual scores.
  • Purchase snacks and prizes.


Nontraditional Tree Contest

If a cubicle decorating contest doesn’t appeal to your employees, try a nontraditional tree contest instead. Give employees a week to create their best nontraditional tree and then host a star-studded, company-wide night of voting and awards to celebrate the winners.


Encourage employees to get super creative with their nontraditional tree ideas and use items they find around the office, including sticky notes, paper clips, and old file folders.

Take lots of pictures at the event and post them to your company’s Instagram or blog.

Brit + Co collected some amazing nontraditional tree ideas to get the creative process started.


Ugly Fruit Cake Bake Off

Turn the notorious fruit cake into an object of playful holiday fun instead of one of fear and ridicule by hosting an epic holiday fruit cake bake off. Embrace the fact that the fruit cake, no matter how reviled, is here to stay, and have some fun with it.

Have employees volunteer to bake their best (or worst) fruit cake, and host an epic bake off contest. Have a Chopped-style panel of judges, incorporate something cheesy, like a Clap-O-Meter, and order some prize ribbons that look like they wandered out of the local fair’s pie-baking contest. Make the event your own.


Holiday-Themed Relay Race

If you want to throw a company party that focuses on action instead of eating and drinking alone, then consider centering your party around a festive relay race. (This is another perfect event for families.) Make the event last for hours by racing in teams, eliminating groups until one emerges as the winner.  


You don’t need special equipment, or even special skills, to plan either of these options. Below are some how-to posts to support your process. Sure, many of them are designed for kids, but that should just give you reassurance that they’re extra fun.

    • Candy cane relay (Swap out the nativity scene portion for a secular celebration.)   
  • Reindeer relay. Grab some reindeer antlers, some spoons, and a red-dyed egg (Rudolph’s nose), and have a classic egg-and-spoon relay race.  


Mall Day with Charter Bus

Skip a traditional holiday party in favor of a festive outing that makes your employees’ lives easier: shopping.  

Charter a bus and shuttle employees out for a day of shopping at your local mall/shopping center. Everyone will be absolutely thrilled to help each other find the perfect gifts. (They’ll also enjoy the rare treat of avoiding the crowds and traffic that plague most pre-holiday weekends.)

If you have the budget, then take everyone out to dinner on the way home to stretch the event.


Food Truck Feast

Surprise employees by scheduling a visit from everyone’s favorite local food truck. Many trucks offer catering options so employees can go right up to the window and choose from a few pre-selected options. Invite everyone to gather for the feast in a decorated conference room.



Progressive Dinner

During a progressive dinner, diners hop from house to house, eating a single course at each location. These types of dinners suit those who like the idea of hosting but would rather not take on the responsibility of hosting a full-length party.

Here’s how to plan a progressive dinner for your holiday office party:

  • Send out a Doodle and choose a date that works for as many people as possible. We recommend choosing a Friday so everyone can leave right after work.
  • Ask hosts to volunteer. (If you have about 3-6 hosts, then you’re in good shape. (If you have too many volunteers, then encourage a few of them to co-host.)
  • Get hosts’ addresses so you can order the stops and create a map.
  • Tell everyone which stop you’ve given them so they can plan what to make.
  • Ask for volunteer drivers/designated drivers if anyone will be serving alcohol.
  • Match up drivers with non-driving guests. (Make sure the volunteer drivers know where all their passengers live, and confirm that they’re fine with driving everyone home at the end of the night.) Not everyone has to be matched as some employees will prefer to drive themselves if they have to leave early.  
  • Party!


Host a Company Wish Dinner

All adults secretly miss writing letters to Santa. Give employees a chance to relive one of their favorite long-lost holiday traditions. Instead of writing letters outlining the presents they want, have them write letters outlining what they want for the company.


Collect letters from Thanksgiving until the date of your dinner. Rent out a space at your favorite local restaurant and have everyone gather for good food, good company, and a reading of all the company wish letters Santa received. This holiday party is designed to warm hearts, but it might just produce some actionable ideas for your business as well.


DIY Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Copy a favorite holiday tradition of cities everywhere and host your own tree-lighting ceremony. You can host the event at your office or even at a volunteer employee’s house. Invite a few leaders to speak about the past year’s accomplishments or about ambitions for the upcoming year. Aside from coordinating speakers, this event can be fairly simple. Serve some hot cider and some healthy desserts, have everyone place an ornament on your designated company tree, dim the overhead lights, turn on the string lights, and enjoy the glorious sight of an illuminated holiday tree.


Holiday Tradition Show and Tell  

Gather in a conference room during or after work to have an hour-long holiday tradition show-and-tell instead of a regular holiday party.

Employees can stand up and share their favorite holiday traditions or memories. Give them time to prepare so they can bring in pictures and props. Encourage employees to bring in any part of their favorite traditions that they can share, whether their favorite things involve food, decorations, or holiday games.


Elf Invasion: Surprise Conference Room Decoration

Take a stealth decorating cue from Buddy the Elf and wrangle a committee to stay late after work one night to turn your main conference room (or your entire office if you’re feeling ambitious) into a winter wonderland that will delight your employees.

When everyone streams in (yawning) for your weekly Monday status meeting, announce that the meeting is cancelled and that your holiday party is happening now. Crank up the carols, pull out your stash of healthy snacks, and let the good times roll.


Gift Wrapping Party

Host a gift wrapping party to turn an event that often produces holiday stress into one that produces holiday fun. Simply clear out a conference room and invite employees to bring some gifts in for a night or afternoon of wrapping. Ask everyone to bring in some of their favorite wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift tags to swap. (You could also supply all the materials if you have the budget.) Be sure to bring plenty of scissors and tape, and of course, some healthy snacks and beverages to make the gift wrapping as festive as possible.

If you have many materials left when the event ends, consider keeping the wrapping station running until the holidays are over.


Run a Holiday 5K

If your office includes an athletic bunch, then consider using the time you might spend on a holiday party on a holiday 5K race. Instead of buying decorations and treats, you can fund everyone’s registration fees and maybe even supply some holiday accessories to make any 5K you can find into one that’s suitable for your holiday celebration.

Photo courtesy of Volunteer Local

Photo courtesy of Volunteer Local


Daytime Pajama Party and Board Games

Pick the last working day before the holiday break to host an afternoon pajama party complete with board games.

  1. Have everyone wear their pajamas to work that day.
  2. Have everyone bring their favorite board game.
  3. Stop working early and have everyone play games as if they were kids waiting to open presents.


via 18 Holiday Party Ideas That Are Big Fun for Small Companies

Here are a couple more Holiday Party ideas…

‘Tis The Season For Giving: Parties With a Purpose 

  1. A Storybook Christmas. Invite guests to bring a children’s book to donate to the local library, school or literacy center. For extra fun, have everyone dress as a favorite character!
  2. Fill Santa’s Sleigh. Ask each guest to bring a gift to fill Santa’s sleigh. Donate the gifts to Toys for Tots or to a local family in need. As a bonus, ask one of your guests to dress as Santa’s helper and make a big show out of collecting the donated gifts.
  3. Trim My Tree. Do you have a friend in their first apartment or home? Perhaps there is someone you know who lost a home to a flood or fire this past year? Host a Trim My Tree party and invite each party guest to bring an ornament to help provide Christmas for a family in need.
  4. Christmas in Vegas. Invite friends to come over for a night of cards, dice and Vegas-style fun! Then, donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local charity. Encourage participation with some signature Vegas cocktails.
  5. Friends of Rudolph. Invite fellow animal lovers to a party at the local dog-friendly park. Provide snacks for the pooches and their people and a prize for best-dressed pet! Encourage each pet owner to bring a toy, food or cash donation for the local shelter.
  6. Building Christmas. Organize a group of friends for an afternoon of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. You can invite the crew over after a day of meaningful labor for tool-themed Christmas cookies and cocoa.
  7. A Christmas Auction. Invite each guest to bring an unwrapped toy to donate, and then auction off the toys to the highest bidder. Donate the money to a charity or a family in need. Genius tip: If you host a Christmas Auction, use SignUpGenius to let guests share what they plan to donate, so that bidding excitement can start even before the party! SAMPLE

Girls Night: Make Time For A Ladies-Only Party  

  1. Better Together Party. Is there a Christmas chore that gets you down?  Maybe addressing the Christmas cards? Invite the girls over to work on cards over some easy appetizers and holiday tunes, and turn a chore into a party.
  2. Wrap & Wrum. Don’t wrap alone — host a wrap and (w)rum! Invite the girls to bring their gifts and wrapping supplies, and serve delicious hot rum toddies to make this holiday endeavor something to look forward to.
  3. Pajama Party. Formal events are fun, but sometimes you need a break from the dress, heels, hose, makeup, and those look-your-best party Spanx! This also gives people an excuse to try out those adult-size holiday onesies.
  4. Scrooge Party. The Scrooge party is an escape from holiday hustle and bustle and cheer. Offer non holiday-themed food such as Chinese takeout or margaritas and watch a chick flick. No talk of sales, wrapping or recipes allowed! 
  5. Cookie Exchange. It’s a classic party theme! Bring over several dozen of your best homemade goodies, and go home with a delicious variety to share with holiday guests and your family. SAMPLE

Organize a winter party with an online sign up! SAMPLE.

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Dress for the Occasion 

  1. Black Tie. Glam up your party by turning it into a black tie affair. Keep your holiday decor simple for this theme party, like a white canvas for your fabulously dressed and colorfully bejeweled guests!
  2. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If there is an opposite of the Black Tie Event, this is it! Make sure to offer a prize such as a gift card to either a classy or tacky clothing store for the most ho-ho-horrifically dressed guest.
  3. Christmas Character Party. Invite friends to come dressed as their favorite Christmas characters. Anything goes — from the nutcracker or the three wise men to Yukon Cornelius or Scrooge.
  4. A Gatsby Christmas. Your friends will love dressing up in their gold and glitter for a 1920‘s Gatsby-style Christmas ball.
  5. A Groovy Christmas. Host a ‘70s Christmas party! Guests can dress in the decade’s best, and you can include vintage toys in your party décor and spin music from the era.

For the Children: Kid-Friendly Party Themes 

  1. Santa’s Cookie Crew. Bake a couple of batches of simple sugar cookies in holiday shapes. Let the children decorate their cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles — who doesn’t love frosting and sprinkles? Organize materials with a party sign up!
  2. A Caroling We Go. Organize a group of children for an evening of caroling. You can travel door to door to entertain the neighbors or go to a local retirement home.
  3. Reindeer Games. Plan an afternoon of reindeer games, such as a reindeer relay, a backyard dash(er) and a prancing/dancing contest.
  4. A Gingerbread House Construction Contest. Provide the basic supplies, and have children work individually or in teams to build gingerbread houses. Give prizes in multiple categories, such as sturdiest, tastiest and most colorful.
  5. A Candy Cane Christmas. Hang them on the tree, set them in vases on the mantle and use them as drink stirrers in cocoa.
  6. Deck The Hall Party. Organize an afternoon of holiday ornament making. This is a great party to host with several other parents so each parent can provide materials and instructions for a different ornament. Genius tip: Children’s parties can require lots of stuff! Send out an online sign up so each parent can contribute supplies.

Adults Only: Hire a Sitter for These Grown-Up Party Themes 

  1. Tinsel and ‘Tinis. A glam adult party with holiday-themed martinis. Try eggnog martinis, candy cane martinis or anything that calls for an olive. The little red pimento makes green olives the perfect Christmas garnish!
  2. Adult Skate. It’s time for the adults to play like children, so reserve the local ice rink and turn it into your own Rockefeller Center for your holiday party.
  3. Christmas Carol-oke. Host a karaoke party with holiday-themed tunes. Let loose with some holiday harmonies.
  4. The 12 Tastes of Christmas. Serve 12 courses of hors d’oeuvres and some drinks to your guests.

Competitions: Test Your Skills  

  1. Christmas Minute-To-Win-It. Take classic minute-to-win-it games and add a holiday spin. “Cookie Face” becomes “Gingerbread Face” or holiday décor can be used for “Stack It Up” game. Divide your guests into teams of eight, and enjoy some grown-up competition.
  2. The White Elephant. Each host seems to modify the rules for this classic party game, but it all starts with each guest bringing a tasteless gift. Make sure your rules are clear from the start to all participants.
  3. Who Am I? Holiday Edition. This party game is a great way to promote mingling! When guests arrive, put a nametag with a Christmas character’s name on their backs. Each guest asks questions to find out if they are Prancer, Ellen Griswold or the Grinch.
  4. Christmas Pursuit. Have each guest bring three index cards with holiday trivia questions, and make this the central activity of your party.

Christmas holiday class party volunteers sign up

Merry Christmas To All: Party Themes That Work For Everyone 

  1. Comfort and Joys. Each guest brings a comfort food to share at this potluck-style dinner party. Genius tip: Use SignUpGenius to create an online sign up so guests don’t overlap on their dishes. SAMPLE
  2. Christmas Around the World. Feature decorations, foods and drinks from different countries. Post fun facts about how other cultures celebrate.
  3. Open House. This drop-in style of party allows guests to come and go as they please. A very casual and relaxed way to see friends over the holidays.
  4. Movie Theme Party. There are many holiday movies that can create a party theme, from The Polar Express to A Christmas Story. Decorate your house to match and award a prize for best impression.
  5. Fireside Roasting and Toasting. Gather your guests around a cozy fire, roast marshmallows and toast to your favorite events and memories from the year.
  6. Christmas Luau. Take a break from holly and ivy, and bring out the grass skirts, coconuts, pineapples and rum for this unexpected holiday theme. 
  7. A White Christmas. Decorations for this theme party can include anything from live lilies to paper origami birds to anything dusted with spray-snow. Invite guests to dress in white as well.
  8. A Wonka Christmas. Build a theme around chocolate, complete with a chocolate fountain as your centerpiece! Genius tip: Ask guests to bring items to dip in the chocolate fountain, organizing a SignUpGenius online sign up to prevent duplicates.
  9. Santa’s Ho-ho-hoedown. Picture Christmas on the farm, with bales of hay and natural, country-style decor. Consider hiring a line-dancing caller and get your guests out on the dance floor.

Whichever theme you choose, go ALL IN. The more theme-based decorations, activities and menu items you have, the more memorable your party will be. 

via 40 Fun Holiday Party Themes –


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